This work was designed by my team at Facebook (who are arguably better designers, coders, and filmmakers than I am).
This project helped the company position itself as a place to connect with friends. Of course, we all know that FB is for friends now, but at the time it was challenging to align numerous products and features in context of connecting with friends. This project was designed by Scott Boms and Danny Jones.  

Facebook Home
Remember when Facebook launched a phone? It was actually a phone and Android app launcher, and my team designed the identity, packaging, and marketing. The designers included Tim Belonax, Skyler Vander Molen, and Danny Jones. Again, for more details, please visit their portfolios. 

Instagram /about
My team designed the about page for Instagram, which served as a newsroom for product announcements. This was the work of Danny Jones

Facebook Paper
Paper was launched in 2014, as a beautiful and gestural news reading experience. My team was involved in designing the product marketing. The lead designer was Danny Jones, check out his site for more details. 

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